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How to Split Audio Files into Multiple Files

GEAR's Audio Editor can be used to split your wave/mp3 files into shorter length files for use in Audio-CD project. This 'How To Guide' works great for splitting your long (timewise) wave file of your captured vinyl LPs and/or cassette tapes.

If you have recorded your vinyl LPs or cassette tapes into the computer and saved them as a continuous file, proceed as follows to 'split' them into separate files.
  • 1. Open the Audio Editor - in GEAR Video, it is available in the Edit menu, other GEAR products under Tools:
Open Gear Audio Editor

  • 2. Open your capture audio file:
Open Audio File

  • 3. Notice the 'flat' areas within the waveform (blue blobs). They represent 'silence'. This 'silence' will be the space between the songs on the LP
Wav Form

  • 4. Use the mouse to 'highlight' (left-click, drag) the first song in the editor:
Highlight song

  • 5. Click Edit > Copy:
Copy Song

  • 6. Right-click at the far right of the waveform to highlight the entire waveform:
Highlight all

  • 7. Click Edit > Paste:
Paste song

  • 8. That will 'paste' the first song into the editor:
Song is now Pasted

  • 9. File > Save As...
Save as

  • 10. Save as Track01.wav
Track 01

  • 11. Click Edit > Undo
Edit undo

  • 12. You will see the entire waveform again:
 Wav Form

  • 13. Highlight the second song:
Highlight song

  • 14. Edit > Copy:
Copy song

  • 15. Left-click the beginning of the waveform to move the bar back to the beginning:
Click Wav Form

  • 16. Right-click at the far right again to highlight the entire waveform:
Highlight all

  • 17. Edit > Paste:
Paste song

  • 18. File > Save As...
Save file as

  • 19. Save As Track02.wav
save as track 02

  • 20. Edit > Undo:
Edit undo again

  • 21. Repeat with remaining songs:
Highlight song

After you have 'chopped-up' your audio file into separate files, you can follow the 'How To Guide' for:
How To Create Audio CDs