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GEAR Software offers software design, development, documentation and test services. Our project team has many years of development and management experience. GEAR Software offers software design, development and testing services on the following platforms:

If you have envisioned a software product you want developed, or need to design software to solve a business problem, GEAR can help you. Invested with years of software development experience, GEAR can architect and develop your software product for you.

Explore Your Options with GEAR Developers

Are you looking to add speed to your development cycle, better leverage your internal technical resources, or simply want to maintain focus on what you do best and leave software development to someone else? You can accomplish that and more by hiring GEAR Software to undertake your custom software development project.

It’s easy to get started with GEAR. Simply contact us using this form. GEAR will contact you within one business day to arrange a conference call with one or more of GEAR's experienced technologists. There is no obligation and the call, along with GEAR's initial consultation, is free.

The conference call will help to refine the basis for the project, discuss timing scenarios and examine the feasibility of different approaches to your software development project. Another result of the call may be an understanding of the business value that is added to your project by bringing GEAR on board.

Size & Spec, Then Get a Budget and a Timeline

Following the preliminary discussion with GEAR's staff, you may wish to proceed to the next step. By this time, a mutual non-disclosure agreement will be in place and a GEAR Project Manager will have been assigned to your project. Based on our discussions up to that point, GEAR would prepare a preliminary Statement of Work, including a cost estimate, requirements analysis, and the prospective timeline for deliverables. It will take approximately 21 business days to create a working document for your consideration. There is no obligation to proceed at this point, however the cost to you for having GEAR prepare a preliminary Statement of Work is $3,500.

Once Your Project is "GO"

After you have reviewed the Statement of Work, and made any changes (your GEAR Project Manager will work directly with you on this), GEAR will present the Final Statement of Work. A Custom Software Services Agreement is also signed. At that point, GEAR Software begins to bring its resources to bear on getting your software project completed in a timely and effective manner. This means keeping you informed each step of the way and includes bi-monthly Updates of the Project leading up to the delivery of the first Beta. At various points along with the way you would have tested beta releases and provided feedback to GEAR development staff. On budget and on-time, GEAR will have your software completed as promised.

Post-Delivery Follow-up

We're not going to get you this far and leave you. GEAR provides Maintenance services to support you in your use of the software; and it can provide you with ongoing development services to enhance the software over time. Included in GEAR's offering are support services to fix any problems with the software after it's delivered to you. With offices in the United States and Europe, we want you to feel taken care of whenever you need it.

If you have a custom software development project in mind, contact GEAR now