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How To write DLT tape set for a double-layer DVD-Video with automatic layer-break detection

With GEAR PRO Mastering Edition, it's easy to write a DLT tape set of a double-layer DVD-Video title. This allows you to see that the layer-break set in the video authoring software is detected and properly used by GEAR PRO Mastering Edition. You can be sure that when the DLT tapes are sent off to a mastering/replication facility it will have the layer-break set correctly.

To write a double-layer DVD-Video title to DLT tape
  • 1. Start GEAR PRO Mastering Edition.
Start GEAR

  • 2. Create a new DVD-9 DVD-Video Project - optionally select [√] Use CSS encryption.
New GEAR project

  • 3. Import the VIDEO_TS content.
Video Import Selection

  • 4. During the VIDEO_TS import, GEAR will detect the layer-break value that was set in the DVD-Video authoring software (shown here in ECC blocks).
Layer Break

  • 5. Check the Volume Properties dialog for the layer-break value (shown here in sectors).
Volume Properties

  • 6. Select your DDP settings from Mastering > Settings.
Mastering Setting Menu

  • 7. Mastering Settings

    (SSCRST 4 for VIDEO_TS that was not flagged for CSS by the video authoring software)
    (SSCRST 3 for VIDEO_TS that is flagged for CSS by the video authoring software)

    NOTE: Make sure DDV-CMF is NOT selected when creating "SSCRST 3" or an error will occur in your DDP!
Mastering Setting

  • 8. To create the DLT tapes, select Mastering > Write GEAR Project to Tape.
Write GEAR Project to Tape

  • 9. GEAR will prompt you about writing to tape, select Yes.

  • 10. GEAR prompts you to turn on the DLT drive and insert the first tape (Layer0).
First tape

  • 11. GEAR will write Layer0 to the first tape.
 Writing first tape

  • 12. GEAR will ask for a second tape (required for double-layer project).
Second Tape

  • 13. GEAR will write Layer1 to the second tape.
Writing Second Tape

  • 14. GEAR will prompt for Layer0 tape to verify.
 Verify Tape

  • 15. GEAR will verify Layer0 was written correctly.
Verifying tape

  • 16. GEAR will prompt for Layer1 tape to verify.
Verify Tape 2

  • 17. GEAR will verify Layer1 was written correctly.
Verifying Tape 2

  • 18. Done.
Tape Successfully Recorded

You now have DLT tapes with a properly set layer-break value that was automatically detected by GEAR.

To restore the DLT images on the tape to the hard drive, see the How-To Guide
How to restore a CD-ROM or DVD DDP image to disk

(Applies to pending GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7.03 rc14 and later releases only)