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How To create an Enhanced CD - Multi-session Audio + CD-ROM XA Data

Enhanced CDs are multi-session audio and data CDs. They can be used to record Audio CDs with tracks playable in a stand-alone Audio CD player, and also some computer-only data such as pictures or extra content to 'enhance' the music tracks.
  • 1. Recorder > Settings
Recorder Settings

  • 2. On the CD Settings tab:
    Choose Disc at once
    [] Create multisession (leave open for appending)
CD settings

  • 3. File > New GEAR Project...Select CD tab, Audio CD, set your default track pause...
New audio CD project

  • 4. To change the pause for an individual track, right-click the track and select 'Set Track Pause'
Set Track Pause

  • 5. Enter the pause for that track – (75 frames/second)
Pause before track

  • 6. To enter the CD-Text info for the track, right-click the track and select 'Edit CDText'
Edit CD text

  • 7. Enter the information as desired...
CD text editor

  • 8. To set the Track ISRC, right-click the track and select 'Set Track ISRC'
 Set Track ISRC

  • 9. Enter the appropriate value...

  • 10. After you are finished entering the track pauses, CD-Text and ISRC information, to burn the Audio portion of the CD, select Project > Write GEAR Project...
Audio Portion

  • 11. GEAR will prompt about writing to a disc.

    Write to a CD

    Click Yes if you have entered a blank disc, otherwise you will be presented with...

    No disc loaded

    Insert a blank disc and click OK

    After the disc is recorded, reinsert the disc with the Audio portion recorded.
  • 12. Select File > Append Session...
Append Session

  • 13. GEAR will ask which track to append to, and which type of track to append with.
    In this example, select the last audio track (Session 1, track 3), select Data mode 2 (CD-ROM XA)

    Append Track

    Enter a GEAR project name for the Data portion of the disc...
Append Project Name

  • 14. Add your data content to the project window
Add ROM content

  • 15. Clear the check box [ ] Create multisession (leave open for appending) under Recorder > Settings...
Create Multisession disc

  • 16. Write the Data portion to the disc...
    Project > Write GEAR Project...

    Write Data Portion

    You are prompted again about writing to disc...

    You're about to write a cd

    After the data portion is written to the disc, reinsert it and check the disc's properties...
  • 17. Recorder > Disc Information

    Recorder Info

    Session 1:

    Disc info Session

    Session 2:

     Info session
  • 18. Done.