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GEAR Announces Release of New DVD Recording SDK

GEAR.wrks Toolkit v3.50 Enables Integrated DVD Recording for Software Developers

Jupiter, FL (2004-03-18) – GEAR Software today announced the general release of GEAR.wrks Toolkit v3.50 for DVD/CD Recording. The new toolkit introduces GEAR's advanced API architecture that emphasizes modularity and ease of integration. GEAR.wrks Toolkit v3.50 includes several breakthrough additional features including an enhanced interface, multi-threading and burning DVD video streams.

"GEAR.wrks Toolkit is the software industry's gold standard for embedding DVD and CD recording features in their software products," said Sam Plummer, GEAR Software's Senior VP of Sales and Business Development. "When you are answering to the world's best developers, it sets a high bar for GEAR's internal technology development and also for our developer support performance. We have thrived as a provider of DVD and CD recording technology to the world's great software companies because we offer solid and reliable technology, universal recorder support, and uncompromising quality in our development and technical service. The toolkit that results from the rigorous process of meeting our customer's needs speaks for itself."

The release of GEAR.wrks Toolkit v3.50 introduces off-line formatting that will arrange the layout of the media to directory structures. There are also new functions for conversion from MPEG to BMP, BMP to MPREG, several new functions for burning streamed DVD Video. The toolkit also advances GEAR's ability to provide universal drive support "on the fly" using advanced auto-sensing technology and enables a software application to target and task multiple DVD and CD drives for concurrent operation. GEAR provides toolkits to software developers with applications for Windows, including Windows Server 2003, UNIX and Linux.

Major enhancements in GEAR.wrks Toolkit 3.50 include an API interface that enables developers to use regular C functions with normal C style arguments. This is in addition to the existing parse command interface. New multi-threading functionality is also available through the C function interface. This allows developers to build software applications that support device handles for each DVD and/or CD recorder in the user system. With multi-threading, recorder functions that perform tasks like Write, Copy, Erase and Format CD/DVD can be executing on different devices at the same time.

"GEAR.wrks v3.50 represents GEAR's best work to date," Plummer said. "It builds on over 15 years of optical recording software development experience at GEAR Software's Netherlands and Florida locations. With GEAR's ability to provide customized features, including optimized static link libraries to reduce the toolkit's already small footprint, GEAR is are more and more working closely with developers in the online content distribution space. Of course, GEAR's mainstay is with the community of software development companies that create multimedia, data storage, and consumer enthusiast products."


GEAR.wrks Toolkit v3.50 for DVD and CD Recording is available by contacting from GEAR Software for licensing information. Please email or

About GEAR

GEAR Software ( has developed standard setting CD and DVD recording software for more than a decade. Its robust, reliable multi-platform recording solutions support UNIX, Windows/NT/2000/XP and Linux operating systems are used by world-class companies for data storage and disc premastering. GEAR also licenses its Windows and UNIX SDK (GEAR.wrks Toolkit-API) to enable other software development companies to integrate optical recording excellence into their software products. GEAR maintains offices in the Netherlands and the United States. For more information please visit