How To: Write DLT tape set for a double-layer DVD-Video with automatic layer-break detection

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How To write DLT tape set for a double-layer DVD-Video with automatic layer-break detection

With GEAR PRO Mastering Edition, it's easy to write a DLT tape set of a double-layer DVD-Video title. This allows you to see that the layer-break set in the video authoring software is detected and properly used by GEAR PRO Mastering Edition. You can be sure that when the DLT tapes are sent off to a mastering/replication facility it will have the layer-break set correctly.

To write a double-layer DVD-Video title to DLT tape

    1. Start GEAR PRO Mastering Edition.
    2. Create a new DVD-9 DVD-Video Project - optionally select [v] Use CSS encryption.
    3. Import the VIDEO_TS content.
    4. During the VIDEO_TS import, GEAR will detect the layer-break value that was set in the DVD-Video authoring software (shown here in ECC blocks).
    5. Check the Volume Properties dialog for the layer-break value (shown here in sectors).
    6. Select your DDP settings from Mastering > Settings.
    7. Mastering Settings
    (SSCRST 4 for VIDEO_TS that was not flagged for CSS by the video authoring software)
    (SSCRST 3 for VIDEO_TS that is flagged for CSS by the video authoring software)
    NOTE: Make sure DDV-CMF is NOT selected when creating "SSCRST 3" or an error will occur in your DDP!
    8. To create the DLT tapes, select Mastering > Write GEAR Project to Tape.
    9. GEAR will prompt you about writing to tape, select Yes.
    10. GEAR prompts you to turn on the DLT drive and insert the first tape (Layer0).
    11. GEAR will write Layer0 to the first tape.
    12. GEAR will ask for a second tape (required for double-layer project).
    13. GEAR will write Layer1 to the second tape.
    14. GEAR will prompt for Layer0 tape to verify.
    15. GEAR will verify Layer0 was written correctly.
    16. GEAR will prompt for Layer1 tape to verify.
    17. GEAR will verify Layer1 was written correctly.
    18. Done.

You now have DLT tapes with a properly set layer-break value that was automatically detected by GEAR.

To restore the DLT images on the tape to the hard drive, see the How-To Guide How to restore a CD-ROM or DVD DDP image to disk

(Applies to pending GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7.03 rc14 and later releases only)

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