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These are the top Frequently Asked Questions that GEAR Software users have. They are listed here based on how frequently and how recently they have been asked.

If you're looking for help, this is a great place to start!


Activate GEAR

After installing, GEAR will not startup - Please enter name and key...

GEAR Drivers

All about GEAR drivers for Windows operating systems...

GEAR Powered Products

GEAR licenses our CD/DVD recording 'drivers' to many companies which adds CD/DVD recording capabilities to their products...

GEAR Software Online Support

Batch Commands

GEAR PRO Professional Edition, Mastering Edition and GEAR PRO UNIX and Linux can be run in an 'automated' mode using batch files...

User Manuals

Learn how to use GEAR...


The Windows Task Manager shows gearsec.exe running as a process. If the user does not have any GEAR products installed, can the file be removed? Some users have reported that after updating to Windows XP SP2, they receive a 'gearsec.exe error' when booting the system...

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