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GEAR PRO Professional Edition and GEAR PRO Mastering Edition both support burning to multiple drives simultaneously.

GEAR Software's developers have tested burning with up to 10 drives.

The key issue is I/O and not the system speed. A standard Dell PC can handle this easily providing you follow the I/O usage rules.

  1. Set each drive to use the same speed. 16x max is recommended for CD, 4x max for DVD.
  2. Avoid using SATA and IDE busses as these are controlled by the system and not a separate host adapter.
  3. IEE1394 (aka FireWire) is the best choice as you can daisy chain these devices. Recommend to use no more then 4 devices per bus.
  4. USB 2.0 can be used but the use of USB HUBS should be avoided, so USB should be limited to 1 device per bus.

So in essence, a 3 port 1394 HBA (host bus adapter) card he could connect all 1394 drives (4+3+3)

You could then attach a USB drive to each USB 2.0 port available.

Once again you should NOT use the IDE/SATA drives for anything else then the source drive.

There is of course no guarantee it will work. Some 1394 devices do not like to work when daisy chained so it’s going to be a bit of trial and error to get the system just right.

How to Record a Project to multiple drives

The tutorial assumes the user has three or more CD/DVD recorders attached to a single system that supports GEAR software.

    1. Create a project as described in the "How to create and burn CD-ROM disks" Guide.
    2. The project window will close and you will be returned to the main screen shown below:
    3. Right click an available drive and select the "Write volume…" option.
    4. A browser window will open; select the volume you created in step 1.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the intended drives are recording.
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