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GEAR Announces Release of New Mac OS X DVD Recording SDK

GEARWorks Toolkit v3.55 API Enables Integrated CD and DVD Recording for Mac Developers

Jupiter, FL (2008-10-01) – GEAR Software today announced the official release of GEARWorks SDK version 3.55 for Mac OS X. The new toolkit features GEAR's advanced API architecture for managing optical formatting and burning operations in third-party software applications. The release includes several new features including multi-threading, burning DVD video streams from memory to disc, and an enhanced developer interface.

"The GEARWorks code base for optical recording is already licensed to many world-class software companies," said Sam Plummer, GEAR Software's Senior VP of Sales and Business Development. "And because GEAR offers developers SDK solutions for all the major operating systems, we are attracting many software development companies that offer multi-platform software solutions. Our new Mac release is of particular interest to our Windows customers that are developing their software for the Mac OS X market."

The new Mac OS X version of GEARWorks is based on the same solid and reliable code base as GEAR’s other SDKs. It is a static linked library that has been reduced to a very small footprint. Along with the many features already in GEARWorks, the introduction of GEARWorks v3.55 for Mac enables developers to initialize and manage multiple recording devices and to simultaneously perform several tasks for ripping, burning, copying, formatting and erasing optical media. Another new development in GEAR’s Mac SDK is its video streaming from memory and direct burning of the video to disc. Instead of capturing video to a hard drive and later burning the completed file, developers can now use GEARWorks to burn video from the memory buffer, saving valuable time. For help implementing these and any of GEARWorks many features, developers that license GEARWorks are eligible for GEAR Software’s extensive support resources, both online and with email and telephone. Customers also receive access to GEAR’s exclusive developer website that features answers to frequently asked questions, sample code and practical instructions from GEAR developers about using GEARWorks.

"GEAR provides optical burning SDKs for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix and they use basically the same toolkit architecture, regardless of the operating system," said Plummer. "Developers see GEARWorks as very coherent and easier to integrate into multiple software products. This latest release of GEARWorks for Mac is another jewel in the crown of GEAR’s multi-OS optical burning SDK support."


GEARWorks optical recording SDK for Mac v3.55 is available by contacting from GEAR Software for licensing information. Please email or

About GEAR

GEAR Software ( has developed standard setting CD and DVD recording software for more than two decades. Its robust, reliable multi-platform recording solutions support UNIX, Windows and Linux operating systems are used by world-class companies for data storage and disc premastering. GEAR also licenses its Windows and UNIX SDK (GEAR.wrks Toolkit-API) to enable other software development companies to integrate optical recording excellence into their software products. GEAR maintains offices in the Netherlands and the United States. For more information please visit